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Love Like This Chapter 5
Love Like This Chapter 5
Introducing...a Major Douchebag

From Chapter 4...
The guys looked up and HyukJi looked up from his stretches, smirking.

"Hey there." he greeted, teasingly.
Samantha blushed remembering what had happened earlier that day.
"Um...uh....excuse me?" Samantha said as she followed him to what seems to be outside, which connects their building to another building.
The guy stopped and Samantha gets nervous, but speaks up, "I just wanna say thanks for what you did back then..."
"Um excuse me?"
The guy turned and Samantha blushed. He walked closer to her and she continued backing away until she hit the wall. "So in return for that, what do I get?" he asked.
"Um I don't know..."
She looks up at him and suddenly, he kisses her. Samantha's eyes widen in disbelief and tries to push him away, but he holds her hands down from struggling. Samantha tried to resist but seemed to be in a trance.
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Love Like This Ch.4
Love Like This Chapter 4
First Day Pain

Days have passed since then and now summer is coming to an end. Samantha is reading Red Riding Hood when Kairi comes in.
"Knock! Knock!" announces Kairi as she comes in with a large white box.
" what's that in your hand?"
"Here, you open it and find out." she said as she handed the box to Samantha. She takes it and starts to open it, anxiously. As soon as she is close to opening it, Kairi rushes to open it and says,
"Isn't it cute? This is our school uniform! And oh-my-gosh it matches you!"
"Well it's blue, blue matches you well. And have you seen the uniform? Let me take it out for you to see."
The school uniform consisted of a white collar shirt with blue stripes on the ends of the sleeves and the collar. It also came with a blue tie with a matching skirt. It had a dark navy blue knee high socks with white stripes at the end of the socks. Then she looked down and found black Mary Jane
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Love Like This Ch.3 Part 2
Love Like This: Chapter Three Part 2
What's This?

Continuing from Part 1...
"Nice to meet you." said Samantha with a smile.
Yong suddenly felt a weird sensation in his chest. What's this feeling? Probably from the sandwich I ate,thought Yong. He suddenly shook the feeling off and said,
"So what are you girls doing here?"
"We're moving here!" exclaimed Kairi as she threw her arms out.
"Really? Well you chose a great place to live in," informed Yong, "Seoul is one of the most popular places out of all Korea. Well instead of me telling you, let me show you."
"I don't know..." Samantha began to say.
"Come on Sam! Just a little bit, please!" pleaded Kairi as she went on her knees with her hands clamped together.
"Kairi...get're embarrassing me..."
"I won't until you say yes!"
"Ugh!Alright! Alright! We'll go but please just get up."
"Yay! Start the tour Yong!" demanded Kairi.
Yong laughed,"Sure let's go."
They walked aro
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Love Like This Chapter 3 Part 1
Love Like This Chapter Three
A Whole New World

"Samantha sweetie....time to wake up...."
Samantha groaned and tossed in her seat as she slowly opened her eyes to see her mom carrying 2 heavy bags."MOM! You shouldn't be carrying so much!"
"Why not? I'm strong enough to..."Her mom began to say but suddenly felt a quick pain in her knee.
"See this is why!" Samantha clarified," Here give me one of it at least."
"Thank you sweetie."
"No problem, just remember you have a weak knee and pretty much the whole body."
Her mom laughed, "Ok fine you're right! Let's get going if we don't want your father, brother, and Kairi waiting for us."
"Okie dokie let's go!"
After they finally got off the airplane, and into the air tunnel, Vincent joked, "Look who's finally here?"
"Took you long enough." pointed out Kairi.
"Hey you know we are talking about Samantha right?" asked her dad.
"DADDY!" exclaimed Samantha.
"I love you sweetie." said her dad.
"Okay guys enough, we have
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Love Like This Poster by Popstarr1507 Love Like This Poster :iconpopstarr1507:Popstarr1507 0 0
Every Hello Ends with Goodbye
Every Hello Ends with a Goodbye...
Hello, goodbye,
How many times must I say this...
I feel so happy with every hello,
because every time I say hello,
I know for just one second I crossed your mind,
If I kept saying hello,
would you finally recognize me?
Would you finally realize that here I am, waving at you?
No, you don't.
At the same time, you have that smile on your face when you see her,
You see your girlfriend there and all I can do is lower my hand down,
and say goodbye...
Goodbye is all I do....
When will I never say this again?
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Love Like This Ch.2
Love Like This
Chapter 2
Goodbye America, Hello Korea!
Months have passed and it was time for Samantha's and Kairi's graduation. "Okay class! Stand in line for the ceremony! Remember where you stand when we practiced." informed the teacher. Everyone talked in the hallway, all dressed up in dresses and in tuxedos.
Samantha wore her hair sleek straight with heart shaped pastel pink earrings. Her dress was glittering black with a pink waist belt, tied with a ribbon, also wearing silver like heels with a diamond covering the front of her feet. Where's Kairi?, thought Samantha as she tapped her heels on the wall.
"Sam!" yelled a familiar voice. Samantha turned around and saw Kairi walking as fast as she could in her black jeweled satin heels. Kairi wore a short light green dress with a black spotted ribbon in the front,to compliment her eyes. Her hair was curly brown with a leaf like di
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Love Like This Ch.1
Love Like This Chapter One
Where Are We Going?

(P.S I may use lyrics from popular groups or artists so please do not report saying I copied the original singer(s)' lyrics because I warned you already that I used them xP)
In a quiet small town...
"Mom! Where are you? I need to give you your medicine!" called Samantha as she wandered around the house, looking for her mom. While walking pass a door, she saw a glimpse figure laying on the porch. Suddenly realizing it was her mom, she ran backwards and to her mom.
"Mom? Mommy! Are you ok?"
"Calm your horses down! I'm fine!" groaned her mom as she took the medicine from Samantha. Samantha fell down to the ground and sighed in relief while her mom watched her. She smiled widely and said,
"Thank you though, for worrying about me...but isn't it time for school?"
"What are you talkin---" started Samantha but then her eyes widen. Looking at her watch, she now realizes that it's time for school. Suddenly, Samantha
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Love Like This Character Pg.
Love Like This Character Page
Just so you can get a perspective on the characters, here are the some character you may see in the series:
Samantha Julia Lee
Age:14 years old
Personality: Sweet, smart, understanding, honest, sensitive, talented, adventurous, childish, trustworthy, brave
Appearance: hairstyle usually changes but hair color black, eyes chocolate brown, lips rose colored
Summary: Samantha is a very caring as the description says. Since her family is poor she tries her best to help out to pay the bills and help around the house. This intelligent girl is beautiful, yet it's a mystery why she can't get a boyfriend...or did she? Who knows but she built a wall against love but will that help her? She is very practical with things but she starts to change views when she meets Lee Hyuk Ji. Samantha is a very interesting character due to her humor and actually "child" side.
Lee Hyuk Ji
Age: 14 years old
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Love Like This Intro
Love Like This
What's so great about love? Well nothing, according to Samantha Julia Lee (in Korea: Park Eunbi). Samantha is a fourteen year old girl who isn't average because any girl would love love! Her family is poor and she has to take on a job to help support them.Samantha loves to sing so she also works on the street as a street musician to earn more money for her family. She believes that, "You should only trust yourself and love only yourself."
You know the type of boy bands like Big Bang, 2pm, Super Junior, and Backstreet Boys?Well Lee Hyuk Ji is the vocalist of one of most popular group called the S.M. He is 14 years old(youngest in the group) and is known as the heartrob or prince of S.M. Hyuk Ji attends a regular school just to tease people that he can get into any school he wants. "I'm just playing the game," is what he thinks.
Samantha's family is moving to Korea because of the miracle of her parents getting a job at a popular business. Bu
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Gir by Popstarr1507 Gir :iconpopstarr1507:Popstarr1507 0 0 My first ever sushi by Popstarr1507 My first ever sushi :iconpopstarr1507:Popstarr1507 0 0
My Not-So-Happy Ending...
In a small town,
There was a girl who was clueless in love with other guys,
later true love came knocking at her door as she found out that her friend was head over heels for her.
Later, they fell into the fantasy kind romance,
But it did not end there.
Love blossomed like sakuras in the blowing breeze,
so beautiful and peaceful.
Like nothing could go wrong,
that is until the dark clouds come in.
Like a evil spell was casted on her, a thought took over her,
a thought that would ruin her in the future.
The thought of it drove her insane to the fact that her whole body was token over.
It even controlled her mind, thinking "it" was the right choice for her...for them.
That was beck then...
"Let's be friends." is what she said.
"Okay." he quickly agreed.
Her thoughts:
If you loved me enough, why did you agree to it?
Why did you so easily agreed without a second thought?
Do you not care about me anymore?
...Did you even love me enough?
So many thoughts that crossed her mind to the point whe
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In this world,
it is full of darkness, despair, jealousy, hatred,
the ugly feelings that corrupt the once pure heart.
People fight, people gossip,
People do things they will later regret.
We meet two kinds of people:
The people who are true and the purest people you'll ever meet.
Other people will be those who fill your heart with the colors that will turn the purest white into total darkness.
If you ever felt that,
don't fall into despair.
Remember this:
The people who love you will bring light into the darkness you fell into,
The person who is destined for you would never want to see you cry,
Through all the war and hatred going on in the world, bring peace to those who were in despair,
You're never alone,
because mostly everyone on earth is your angel who will guide you into heaven.
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Cutie by Popstarr1507 Cutie :iconpopstarr1507:Popstarr1507 0 0 Shaoran from Cardcaptors by Popstarr1507 Shaoran from Cardcaptors :iconpopstarr1507:Popstarr1507 0 0


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United States
Hello there! Nice to meet you all. I want to tell you my name but we'll see who can find out ;) Anyways here are things you should know about me:
~I'm just a girl who dreams for the best
~Single pringle and loving it
~Blue is my fave color
~Strawberries are my favorite ;3
~Love to sing, dance, and write songs for my friends(like we can sing it together)

Current Residence: New Jersey
Favourite genre of music: pop, k-pop, rock,
Personal Quote: "You don't know what's good until it's gone"
Hey Guys,
I know it's been forever since I did the last chapter of Love Like This but I will try my best from now on to work on it, For now....I'm having writer's block and have tons of homework to finish so I hope you guys understand :) So keep a look out because I might just randomly put in tons of chapters for ya ;D
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